Quality Bamboo Flooring Johannesburg

If you need a luxurious floor for your home or office, then why not consider using bamboo flooring? Bamboo floors are not only made from a sustainable resource, but are the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious. We install all types of bamboo flooring in Johannesburg and its environs and our beautiful strand-woven floors are scratch resistant and long-lasting.

bamboo floors

Bamboo floors are very tough and as such they are suitable for installation in places with high traffic. Although these floors are hard, they do not provide the same level of scratch resistance as a laminate or vinyl floor. Extra care is necessary when using sharp objects on the bamboo floor. They may be susceptible to scratching, but they stand out due to their rock-solid nature that makes them tougher than most other hardwood floors.

Benefits of using bamboo floors include:

  • Economical compared to other hardwood floors
  • Very tough
  • Developed from sustainable source

Bamboo flooring is an attractive alternative to other hardwood flooring options, being attractive and trendy. It is purely natural and made from a sustainable resource. With our expert fitters, you can be sure that your floors will be installed to the highest standards and fitted to last.

roomWith our bamboo flooring Johannesburg business, we understand that it is not often that houses or business premises are built with quality flooring and that is why we want yours to be exceptional. We genuinely believe in the quality of our products that we and we know that they will make a difference to your commercial or residential property.

Our expertise in theĀ industry makes us your best choice for all flooring installations. We are available for all bamboo flooring related services such as varnishing, sealing, maintenance, repair and restoration. If you need any of these services or any kind of solid wood flooring, you can get in touch with our hardworking customer care team. Call our Johannesburg hotline today on 011 568 2403.