Affordable Solid Wooden Flooring Johannesburg

As experts in hardwood flooring, we offer a wide range of flooring services using all types of wood, uincluding grapia, red oak, meranti, white oak, rosewood, Rhodesian teak, brown mahogany and many others that are available on request.


Based in Johannesburg, we provide specialized wood flooring including traditional finished-in-place and pre-finished varieties. We understand that clients have varying needs and to that effect, our services always commence with consultations and a free estimate. As the leaders in hard wood flooring Johannesburg wide our experts are proficient in many aspects of flooring including sealing, varnishing and maintenance. We can help you choose the perfect flooring that will suit your style, budget and the design of the building.

Some of the solid hardwood flooring that we have includes hardwood strip/plank flooring types such as American Black cherry, Teak, French Oak Boards, Birch, and American Walnut. We also deal with 15mm Pre-Finished Flooring that occurs in patterns such as Oak Dutch, Long Strip Plank and Ships Deck.

Restoration & Refinishing Services

hallwayYour old wooden flooring can attain its original beauty thanks to our experienced care team. We are capable of making your old floors look “better-than-new” with our high quality finishes. Our solid wooden flooring Johannesburg service uses three coats for a quality finish!

Our advanced finishing processes involve staining your floors to match your colour preference. Should you want to change the colour of your floor, our technicians will help you in choosing the ideal colours. We are also available for additional consultations.

We understand that you need quality flooring that is long lasting. We have the knowledge and skill to provide all kinds of services including solid wood flooring, wooden oiled floors and you can also contact us for related services, such as laminate flooring and parquet floor installation.

For all hardwood flooring services and wooden flooring prices Johannesburg contact us on 011 568 2403.