Best Vinyl flooring Johannesburg Can Offer!

As the city’s leading flooring company we provide our customers with different types and designs of luxury vinyl flooring in Johannesburg and its environs. Our vinyl tiles are available as either ‘stick down’ or ‘click in’ and are suitable for all buildings, be it a home or office or commercial property. Our qualified professionals do the installation and repair where necessary and we will ensure that the complete project meets your demands.

Johannesburg vinyl flooring

The luxury vinyl flooring comes with many benefits, which include; waterproof; warmt; ease of maintenance; and ability to absorb noise. Compared to the traditional flooring, vinyl floors often last longer. With various designs to choose from, vinyl floors are suitable for all properties and rooms.

Which Vinyl Floor Should You Choose?

Glue down and click stand out as the two main types of vinyl flooring. While the glue down is installed by use of glue to hold it down on the ground, the click allows vinyl to fit together by interlocking with each other. This makes the click easy to install and therefore, it is popular kitchenamong most homeowners. The thickness of the wear layer greatly determines which vinyl types are suitable for which places. For areas that are characterized by heavy commercial applications, a wear layer of 0.55 will be most suitable. On the other hand, vinyl that has 0.3 mm of wear layer will be ideal for light applications.

Good quality and hardwearing floors are what we offer our clients. We have collaborated with the leading manufacturers of vinyl products in Johannesburg so that we can offer you the very best floors at your preferred budget. We also offer customized bamboo flooring services as well as different types of outdoor decking.

Our services are spot-on and our vinyl floors Johannesburg customer care team is always on hand to receive any query you might have. Call us today for quality services: 011 568 2403.